We offer you a breathtaking choice of Swabian and home-style dishes. In good weather, we open up our sun terrace so that you can also enjoy your food in the open air.


Mon – Fri          18:00 – 22:00
Tues + Wed      Closing days
Sun                    11:00 – 15:00        18:00 – 22:00

Saturday and outside the opening times upon arrangement.

Table reservations at: 0 73 63 / 61 29

The Weber family and the service team very much look forward to your visit.

The Sonne Röttingen Country Inn, situated in the picturesque Ostalb region, offers plenty of room to feel at ease with its large ballroom and cosy farmhouse parlour. Enjoy Swabian cuisine with friends and family, in the open air or in the homey inn. The service team ensures you have a pleasant stay.

The country inn has been in the hands of the Weber family since 1794. For this reason, we write Tradition with a capital ‘T’. We cook both home-style and regional Swabian meals. From Wurstsalat [sausage salad] to roast joints with Kässpätzle [Swabian noodles with melted cheese and fried onions], we have everything to treat your taste buds.

The special thing about the Sonne Röttingen Country Inn is that the vegetables, such as the potatoes, are grown by us. You can’t get more fresh or regional than that. Depending on the season, we plant various types of vegetables, which is why the dishes on our menu can vary.

Another speciality is the country inn’s Angus cattle. The cattle are reared in a neighbouring farm and slaughtered by hand. The meat is given no chance to lose its freshness. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to flavour – the beef could not be juicier.